Mechanische Armbanduhren
Tanja Borisenko
George-Bähr-Str. 20
01069 Dresden


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Fax. +49 35133209160

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10 thoughts on “Impressum

  1. Good morning,
    is it possible to buy from your store a watch without strap and bezel?
    Thank you for your answer.
    Best regards,

    1. Yes, sure, but the price will not be lower if you mean 80€ watches.

  2. Do you ship to the United States? Thanks

    1. yes, sure

  3. How long would it take to arrive if shipped to the UK?

    1. a couple of days, usually

  4. Hi.. do you ship to Australia? How much are the shipping costs?

    1. yes, we do. it costs the same amount as to any country outside EU. depends on the watch, but it is less than 10 Euro

  5. Do you ship to the hong kong

    1. yes, sure, we have many happy customers there

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